About Hamid

"The prosecution and system are the ones that have no heart. They try their best to make me look like an evil person regardless of whose feelings they hurt. They know full well I am not what they are trying to say I am so they have to cut in to the middle of my conversation to make me look bad.

"They know full well how 7/7 emotionally affects the public so they played on the public's emotions to fuel their evil plot and schemes. They did not take into account the feelings of the victims and families of the victims before they decided to put out such a statement in the manner in which they tried to make it look.

"They know that I don't agree with the 7/7 or 9/11, they know I dont believe in killing innocent children and people, they know that the full transcripts aren't saying what they are trying to say, they know I am not what they say I am but yet still they did. Why?

"They arrested us knowing full well we aren't terrorists so what did they do, they tried to paint a picture and in doing so did not care about the emotions or feelings of the general public or families.

"These people are the terrorists..."

- Mohammed Hamid

Mohammed Hamid is one of the many victims of Britain’s ‘war on terror’ languishing in prison. He was arrested, along with fourteen other men, in the wake of the 2005 London bombings and charged with ‘providing terrorist training’.  On 26th February 2008 Hamid was found guilty of ‘providing terrorist training’ and ‘soliciting murder’ and sentenced to an ‘indeterminate sentence for public protection’ with a tariff (minimum term) of seven years, after which he will only be released if the Parole Board declares he is sufficiently low risk to be freed.

Mohammed maintains he is innocent of any crime, so demonstrating such a ‘change’ is virtually impossible.

Along with other supporters, Mohammed’s daughter Yasmin has launched a campaign to demand freedom for her father.

Hamid is a victim of a miscarriage of justice predicated on the same Islamophobia and Islamophobic agendas of Imperial conquest that drive the so-called "war on terror".

In a public statement Hamid's daughter, Yasmin Cass, said:
"...My father Mohammed Hamid, a 54 year old father and dawah carrier, was sentenced in 2008 to an "IPP" (Imprisonment for Public Protection). He was singled out for his beliefs - which included challenging the government's version of events regarding 7/7. He is a man who loves people and people love him right back. Our home has been torn apart by his absence and it is worse knowing he is an innocent man, ‘Imprisoned for Public Protection’, for the crimes of calling non-Muslims to Islam, playing paint-ball, and helping local communities..."
Don't Panic I'm Islamic
Mohammed Hamid featured in a BBC documentary produced and directed by Phil Rees.  In the documentary Hamid was filmed paintballing with a group of friends.  In the prosecution of Mohammed Hamid the paintballing footage was adduced as a evidence of Hamid partaking in 'terrorist training'. A copy of the video can be viewed on the Free Mohammed Hamid Media page.

Contacting Mohammed Hamid
If you would like to write to Mohammed Hamid to show your suppport, he can be contacted via the following address:
Muhammed Hamid (A8114AG)
HMP Gartree
Gallowfield Road
Market Harborough
Leicestershire LE16 7RP

Poetry by Mohammed Hamid


Truth is a lie
Lie is a truth
Pinnochio is our friend
For we have a name
Have a itchy nose
For its so long
To speak the truth
For its a crime
Today is the 21st century
No-one accepts the right
Truth hurts, Truth is bitter
Never mind tell a lie, just to get by
For freedom is the heart
For Fear never to tell a lie
Our destiny is our truth

- Mohammed Hamid


Life life life
Good and bad that roams all around
Evil is everywhere for its here to stay
Life of peace, Life of hardship Which is it that comes?
...Make a decision, make a choice
For peace is hard
Disaster and greed is the crime
For peace is the time
Evil evil evil
The time is near
When the days will end here
You will be defeated
With the peace.

- From Muhammed Hamid x


Life in the ghetto is the same as the land of soweto,
Inner city, inner crime,
Tougher crime, toughter time,
Blades are evry where,
Slicing through on their way,
Dont know why, dont know when,

Wine is flowing, drugs are floating,
Minds are confused,
Gunshot here, gunshot there,
Blap, blap, blap,
Young boys, young gangs, what a time,
What a waste, what a hell,
Dont know what to say, the time is dear,
For me-live here-so I could be near,
Dead, kill dead, kill,
Everyday a life is gone,
Will I be next? if its no me then its you.
Policies, government, big brother, surveillance city,
What a disaster, id rather escape but where,

Turn to worship, turn to love,
For the life is His for me to be dear,



Hustle and the bustle,
Voices an noises,
Is it too much to take?
My journey is my destiny,
Could I be the wind flowing quietly,
Be a stream trickiling through smoothly?
Make me angry,
Wind will turn hasty,
Stream will be busting,
It will be nasty,
Would I like the quietness of the sky,
Clouds traveling to its destiny?
Make me angry,
It will get darker,
Lightning will strike,
Fires will start,
So please let us travel in peace an harmony,
My journey is my goal,
Not my anger,
Provocation is the guilty,



When my eyes blessed the hand, I pray for and
Gaze through my pain, I see beyond my heart,
My imagination takes control, I dream a picture,
I see my benefactor waiting with a smile,
Waiting to listen, Waiting for my crys,
My hands are risen well above,
I cry out loud with tears flowing down my heart,
I ask for forgivness with a place in Paradise,
I cry for my loved ones for I ask the same,
I ask for peace and love for all humankind,
Save us all from the pits of the burning hell,
Have mercy, have mercy,



I vow to be patient
When everything has been turned upside down,
My blood boils when all wrong is done,
My body feels hurt, my heart is crying,
Tears flow from my eyes,
When everybody looks angry, I have a smile
I have to be patient in times like this,
Why blame me? why me? This is not the time to argue,
This is not the time to laugh,just be patient,
for the time to settle down.



Why? why? why?
Why do we look at others,
Why not look at ourselfs?
Why judge others,
Why not judge yourself?
Why look at the wrong of others,
Why not look at the wrong what we do?
Why not look at the evil we have done?
Then we may get an answer
For our evil may out weigh others,
So dont judge
Look at our self



Destiny is my path
Divided in two
I need to choose
Which way shall I go,
I see two roads,
Its time to gamble,
Shall I take the boat,
Shall I take the bus?
Both paths are my destiny,
Which one shall it be?
There is a barrier between two,
Its time for decision.
Hope its the right choice.



Only if I could walk in that footstep,
The footstep of my beloved one,
He walks night an day,
Leaving his print every time,
The mark of a great man.
Only if I could be in his shoes.
How I would like to leave lasting print just as him.
The desert of wilderness,
How it speaks of this man,
The wind that whistles and whispers his name,
If only I met this man, how I would be,
I would love him and follow his print by print,
To every place he has given,
The sand will witness that he was here,
He has left his print for me to follow,
Peace be upon him.



It takes courage to tell a lie
For it to get you by
The pain that it causes
For you to be happy on your side
...Death and destruction have taken place
All because you wanted a different way
Falsely accused with severe accusation
You get your goal but will always power your all
It shall reveal itself
For I see the star being drowned and swallowed
In the dark hole
It takes courage to tell a lie
For the mighty judge will say goodby
Even though we're miles apart, you're never any further than the corner of my heart.

from Muhammed Hamid in Long Lartin


Roses that open into life
Were the ending of my time
I saw the blessings of the petals
with all the colours flowed around
Fragrance that I smell
Was something new
Something good
I saw myself travelling away
Well above from this land
I was sitting above the moon
Looking down to my ground
My past was my last
Life of ups and down
Pain and heartbreak
Joy and happiness
Did I hurt my fellow friends?
Did I cry with pain
Cared or loved
Did I forgive?
I always said sorry.
My past was my test
Now im flowing in paradise
Smelling the fragrance of happiness
Surely I pass my test?
For forgiveness is my game.

From Muhammed Hamid x

Untitled, by Dave Palmer.

Convicted as a terrorist for paintballing fun,
camping in a forest and "holding a stick like a gun".
For speaking his mind at Speakers Corner,
and being proud to be a carrier of Darwah.

For guiding young men along the path of religion,
giving them purpose, something to believe in.
For helping the poor, the hungry and the needy.
For fighting injustice, the immoral and the greedy.
For speaking his mind, unafraid of telling the truth.
For guiding the misguided, the dispossessed, the youth.

For refusing to bow to an imperialistic State,
for preaching love, instead of anger and hate.
For speaking out against the atrocities of illegal invasions,
the massacre of men, women and children; in fact entire nations,
with weapons of mass destruction - White Phosphorous, Depleted Uranium.

For speaking the truth, exposing the real terrorists;
those who invade other countries to steal their resources,
those who value oil and minerals over human life,
those who 'spread democracy' with torture, murder and lies,
those to whom massacred children are but 'collateral damage';
who call themselves 'civilised' and all others 'savage'.

So Mohammed Hamid and others find themselves prisoners,
while the real terrorists are now celebrities and millionaires.
If ever the West does become lawful and just;
the real terrorists would be jailed - Blair and Bush.