Mohammed Hamid - A Miscarriage of Justice
Mohammed Hamid - A Miscarriage of Justice is a short 18-minute film produced by J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign and the Free Mohammed Hamid Campaign which documents the case of Mohammed Hamid. The content of the film is taken, with the kind permission of the original film-maker Phil Rees, from a much longer documentary of his about injustices perpetrated by the British State, Britain's Thought Police.

Free Mohammed Hamid Campaign Film Trailer
Below is a trailer for a forthcoming documentary about Mohammed Hamid.  A brief summary of the key issues can be found in a shorter version of this video on the front page of this web site.  The full 18 minute version, which goes into more detail, can be viewed above.

Channel 4 News Interview with Filmmaker Phil Rees
Journalist and filmmaker Phil Rees was interviewed by Jon Snow on Channel 4 News following Mohammed Hamid's conviction.  It was footage of Hamid Paintballing taken from Phil Rees' BBC documentary Don't Panic I'm Islamic that was used during the trial as evidence of 'terrorist training'.  For an understanding of what constitutes 'terrorist training', see the interview with Musa Brown further down this page.

Don't Panic I'm Islamic
A 2005 BBC documentary by Phil Rees.

Interview with Musa Brown
Musa Brown was amongst those targeted by the British State's prosecution of Mohammed Hamid.

Mohammed Hamid on the subject of 11 September 2001